Laser Hair Removal

we use a state of the art Candela Gentlelase Laser

Laser Hair Removal offers permanent hair reduction on all body areas for men and women. Our state of the art Candela Gentlelase Laser is the most effective type of hair reduction laser available. Laser hair removal can be performed on facial hair, underarms, bikini lines, legs, back, buttocks, toes, and more! No more shaving bumps or rashes! Be sure to read our Pre-Laser Instructions before you get your treatment.

Pricing Per Treatment. Approx. 6-8 treatments are needed depending on your hair type and degree of reduction desired. 6th treatment is FREE! Custom packages are available.

  • Small Body Area

    • SMALL BODY AREA $125
      Areas such as the “monobrow”, toes, chin only, lip only, ears, nose, nipples, or “happy trail”
    • ARMPITS $150

  • Medium Body Areas

      Areas such as full face (includes under the chin, but not lower neck), armpits, bikini line, or penis
      Areas such as bikini line including upper edge of the thigh, lower legs, or full face including full front of neck

  • Large Body Areas

    • LARGE BODY AREA A $250
      Areas such as bare (or nearly bare) bikini with a strip up the back (“Brazilian” = area a thong would cover), thighs, or buttocks
    • LARGE BODY AREA B $350
      Area covered by “boy shorts” (full buttocks, Brazilian, below navel), or thighs only
    • LARGE BODY AREA C $400
      Area such as back or chest / abdomen

  • Extra Large Body Areas

      Areas such as full legs (price discount available for slender petite legs!)
    • T-SHIRT AREA $600
      Area covered by a t-shirt
    • NAVAL TO TOES $650

  • Whole Body Package $4000 (6 treatments)

  • 6 treatments on each body area desired. Body areas requiring more than 6 treatments can be treated for 50% off the usual price for that area.

    Example: If you have 6 treatments on every area you desire, and want a 7th treatment on your armpits then that treatment would cost $75 (instead of the usual $150)